We use a variety of courier service within and outside range. Depend on location, the efficiency of the courier service in a certain area or Customer preference (please contact us if you have any special request).
Delivery will be made on the same day, if:
  • There is ready stock for the selected item.
  • Order and paid by the buyer before 3.00 pm
The estimated delivery lead time is 3-5 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays). Your order will only be shipped once payment and delivery details have been verified and confirmed. Calculations of the delivery day are from the date of the payment made, not the date of order.


All delivery are 100% discreet. It is impossible to know what is the contain from outside without opening the delivery packaging. And there is no reference to the item contained in the parcel will be found on any of our outer packagings. So, no one will know what is the item inside the packaging. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.


  • Please take note that the Interbank Giro transfer has 24 to 48 hours delay before payment has been credited into our bank account. We will only send out the item after the payment reaches our Bank account.
  • All delivery will be direct handle by Courier Company (instead of us). We will SMS/WhatsApp or email you the tracking code once item sent. Base on the tracking code, you can track your shipment status through Courier Company’s website.